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Clients, We Serve

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) radon regulations recommend testing radon measurements at least every two years to ensure radon levels comply with the regulatory standard of 4 pCi/L or below. Certified Radon offers both long-term and short-term multi-family & commercial radon testing solutions conducted by a skilled Certified Radon Technician to ensure accuracy.

Certified Radon is experienced in conducting radon testing for all types of commercial clients including:

  • New Construction
  • Multifamily Housing / Apartment Complexes
  • Schools / Education Facilities
  • Office Buildings / Office Parks
  • Federal Buildings

Certified Radon Testing Services Include:

  • Initial Radon Surveys
  • Annual Radon Testing
  • Two Year Radon Testing
  • Post-Construction HUD-approved radon testing
  • Radon Testing & Reporting for EPA Phase I & II Environmental surveys
  • NRPP, AARST, HUD, Freddie Mac & Fanny Mae approved radon testing for large buildings, schools & multi-family properties

The Certified Radon Difference

At Certified Radon, we go above and beyond to ensure the process of radon testing is executed as flawless and efficiently as possible.

  • Our certified office staff will work closely with on-site contacts and property managers to provide adequate signage and notices for occupants of the radon survey.
  • All testing sites are preplanned and assigned prior to coming on-site to expedite the deployment and pick-up processes.
  • We understand the confidential nature of the results of the radon test and have clearly outlined roles and responsibilities to the various parties involved
  • Certified Radon provides a clear, easy-to-read, comprehensive report of the radon survey results and any recommendations for remediation.
  • Certified Radon offers turn-key solutions with both radon testing & mitigation services.
  • All technicians are certified in radon measurement with NRPP MFM designation for Multi-Family Measurement.

Reduce exposure - and commercial liability - by calling Certified Radon in Kansas City at 816.587.3500 or request an estimate today and get back to business.